Fuel Polishing & Transfer Systems

On board fuel polishing systems are one of the easiest ways to save money.  Keeping fuel clean will result in better combustion, reduced maintenance costs, and less waste.  Together these help us to a greener earth.  There are several models of onboard fuel polishing/transfer systems to choose from.  From the component TC System to the FPS System, these systems provide the packaged solution to on board fuel polishing.  Keep your fuel clean and your engine happy, install an Algae-X Fuel Polishing System today.


Smart FPS-FX & Smart FPS-FX-R

The Smart FPS-FX DC fuel polishing system is the latest from ALgae-X International.  This new system boasts many of the now standard features that you have come to expect from Algae-X.  Operating on DC electrical voltages and polishing 150 gallons of fuel per hour the new series of Smart Fuel Polishing Systems will keep your fuel in optimal condition at all times.  Both of the new Smart FPS systems employ the automated digital timer to allow you the selection of start time and stop time.

Smart FPS-FX
12 or 24 V DC Electric
Flow Rate 150 GPH

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Smart FPS-FX-R
12 or 24 V DC Electric
Flow Rate 150 GPH

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Smart FPS-DX Fuel Polishing
Analog and Fully Automated

ALGAE-X International introduces The new Smart FPS Series of Automated Fuel Polishing Systems Revolutionizing Onboard Fuel Polishing & Transfer Systems By combining fully automated control and monitoring with fuel decontamination, water & sediment removal, the SMART FPS revolutionizes fuel polishing. It provides a degree of efficiency and control in relation to foot print, maintenance and price that exceeds all prior traditional equipment


Smart FPS-DX Analog System

Smart FPS-DX-D Digital Automated System

Algae-X Smart FPS Fuel Polishing System

Smart FPS Series
Smart FPS Fuel Polishing Systems
are equipped with a plug and play SFC-50 Smart Controller with text display.

Algae-X FPS systems and “Smart Filtration Controllers” are modular, fully automated and programmable fuel polishing systems. The wiring harness with plugs easily connects the Smart Controller box with the FPS allowing for greater flexibility in installation and access to the control box where it’s most convenient for you.

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Download the Spec Sheet For Smart FPS

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TC1000 & TC3000 Fuel Polishing System

TC-1000 & TC-3000

The largest of the group is the TC System.  This polishing system consists of the coalescer, water separator/particulate filter, the LGX fuel conditioner, and electric fuel pump.  Used on large tanks above 1500 gallons this manually operated system not only keeps fuel clean but can be used as a fuel transfer pump system as well.

Download the TC Specification Sheet



The FPS-750A is a complete ready to connect and use fuel polishing system.  Powered by 120V AC with the 6 hour timer you can relax while your fuel is cleaned.  The alarm pane (included) has indications and safety shutdowns for high motor draw or filter restriction.  Small space requirements and high flow, back flushable filter complete this system.

Download the FPS Specification Sheet
Download The Operator Manual For The FPS Series

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